What’s My Formula?

by Alpha King on October 1, 2013

IMG-20130723-00675All summer long I took the opportunity to test my strengths and capabilities.  I hit the road with the experienced bike riders of the Bike Depot.  They all were on newer bikes than my classic 1990 Milia. They all were generous and gracious with their support of the new kid on the route.  What drove me through the three hour tours of country side roads, up and down hills in throughout southern Ontario was the willingness to never give up.  I got better and better with each ride.  My endurance and speed improved.   Many of the men and women riders of the Riding Depot group wanted to know my formula for the success I was seeing on this older and heavier piece of equipment.  I looked back on it now and I can clearly see how I evolved.  With the help of cPrime my strength, flexibility, performance, endurance, and balance were all improved instantly by wearing this patented piece of stylish accessory.  A limitless pill (a betalain infused supplement) helped to reduce inflammation throughout my body while providing me with a natural energy boost of up to 122%.  And lastly during my ride I sipped on the refreshingly, great tasting,  powerful Activate ATP, which has the ability to increase the naturally occurring ATP in the body by 64% without increasing lactic acid build up or free radical damage.  This potent combination powered me through the rides and left me with the feeling that I could do more even after I finished our trek.   Being able to keep up with these experienced gentlemen and ladies was quite a feat.  It just goes to prove that with a little assistance and a great mind set one can accomplish great things.  For a sample or a demo of these or other amazing products connect with me by email at alpha@aplanforall.com  IMG-20130721-00657 IMG-20130721-00669

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