My Monsoon Monday Report

by Alpha King on July 16, 2013

My Monsoon Monday Report

On Monday July 8th 2013 just after 5 pm more rain fell in an hour in IMG_00000367our city than what we regularly get in the entire month of July.
By 10PM Pearson airport reported 123 mm of rain had fallen. That
unofficially beats out the “rainiest day ever” when 121 mm of rain fell
during Hurricane Hazel on October 15, 1954.

I just wanted to share what happened to me in our little neighborhood.

At about 6PM I jumped into my car headed out to a toast masters event.  The heavy rain had stopped  as I turned the corner I noticed two cars at the end of the street jostling for position.  One eventually turnedIMG_00000370 left and the other turned right.  I followed the one that turned right.  As
I continued down Rathburn Road towards Ponytrail Drive, I saw what
appeared to be the top of a blue car submerged in water.   My first
though was there was a hole in the street and that car went into it,
concerned that someone might need my assistance I decided to park my
car and venture out in the light rain on foot to help.  The water had
covered not only the road but had also covered the side walk, so I
couldn’t get but so far.  As I stood in disbelief another car sped past me, IMG_00000371splashed into the water and began to float to a stop.

I returned to my car in which I had parked at the entrance to the townhomes when I noticed the man hole cover near where I parked was half opened and it revealed a rushing river of water beneath the street.  I did not know what to think but after a SUV passed by and drove over the man hole I though this was not safe.  So I tried several times to push it back into place and although with the force of the water it was very difficult I did not stop until it was successfully closed.  I decided not to go downtown (duh) and called a friend advising I was not coming to the IMG_00000372meeting.  When I got home the power was out, with nothing else to do I decide to go back to see what else was happening.

Some of the water had subsided by the time I returned and people were out wading through the deeper areas as though they had lost something in the water.  Cars were still unable to drive on the road. It was not until later that I realized that one of the people I saw wading through the deeper area of the water was a good samaritan trying to unplug the drainage grill at the side of the road.   I began to video what I saw and
when she was successful in unplugging the grill all the water went down IMG-20130708-00617
the drain like an unclogged kitchen sink. Cars were now able to drive on
the road and hopefully be able to reach their destination safely.  If
anyone knows who this young women is please thank her and her
friends for helping out in this situation.

Fascinated with what I had witnessed I returned home and shared the
story with the folks at home and waited for the lights to come back on.
We grabbed a portable radio and tuned into a local radio station.
A caller, not more than three blocks away from us, was reporting he had
over 4 feet of water in his basement.  I decided to check our basement
and unfortunately ours was flooded too.  I estimate that the water was at
least 4 inches to 6 inches high at the height of flooding and it had come in
through the drain near the washing machine.

I went over to the neighbors to check if they were experiencing the same
phenomenon.  All reported the same issues; some worse than others.  Those
with finished basements seemed to have suffered more damage.

Over the rest of the week I began the cleanup  process.  We were lucky to have only lost a few carpets and cardboard boxes.  On the brighter side we now have a roomier basement, with some help from my dad we have built
some extra shelves and created more space.  We found my daughter’s karaoke machine.  And once I am finished here I will be able to relocate items from my paid storage unit to my basement.  Well when life gives you lemons, you have
got to make some lemonade.


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