How to Reignite Your Team – FREE Network Marketing Training

by Alpha King on July 8, 2013

How to Reignite Your Team

– FREE Network Marketing Training

Many people start a network marketing business.  They are all hyped and rearing to change their futures. Their goals are set and they believe they have found the vehicle to take them to financial freedom.  There are ups and downs along the way and some go on to actually achieving their goals.

When they started their business their excitement is at an all time high.  What happened next and how they handled the situation is what will make the difference between succeeding or failing in their business of choice.

If you have sponsored one person then you have tasted success and realize it is possible.  By the way, congratulation; you are among the elite few.  You now start to build a team around your successes and your business starts to grow.  Then you start to see your team’s growths start to slow down and people start to drop off.  Doubt starts to set in and you begin to wonder; is it worth it? Can this really work? Can I do this? These are questions that have entered into my mind in the past.

My team was hosting hotel meetings and the buzz was on.  Something was happening.  Then we began to have no shows and the cost of running the meeting had caught up with us.  We had to change venues.  We knew the products were very good and people wanted them.  We demoed the products and showed the all most instant satisfaction our prospects saw.  We shared personal stories that showed how our products have blessed our lives and those of the people we loved and people signed up and ordered products on the spot.   But still our business slowed down.

All of the top producer went through this at some point in their business life.  They recognized that in order for this to change they had to change.  They had to have more people in their sales funnel to help them with-stand the next slow-down in their growth.  They realized that they needed to do three things in order for their growth to continue.  They needed to generate more leads.  They need to make more money while working the business.  The most important thing they had to do was to teach their team how to do what they do.

Now if your team is anything like mine there are some very good and talented folks.  They are some that need more pampering and they are some that have lost their belief or did not even have it from the start.  You want them all to successes but they have to want to succeed as well.  When you invite them out you must be able to share with them a new plan to succeed.  And you must be able to provide the training tools to help them grow.  You must develop your leadership skills and teach them to become leaders themselves.  This is where the magic happens.

When I shared the MLSP marketing system with my team I saw a spark of light in many of my team members.  People who did not even bring people out were starting to get into action and my growth curve started to take on a new shape.  There was a new life in my team.

If you have built a team and you want to reignite the spark then click on the link below to see how this system has worked for me and many others to grow large teams.

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