About Alpha King

Born Out of Necessity

This website was born out of necessity. I had followed the traditional plan for many years and found early on that it would not get you very far. After I left university, I started working in the travel industry field. I saw many places around the world but I never had quite enough money to fully enjoy the destinations I visited.

When my children were born, I wanted them to enjoy the fruits of my labour and see some of the places I had seen. But in the current economy it can be challenging to simply hold on to a J.O.B. Fortunately I have a good job in the IT field, that is also being challenged by today’s economic stresses. I still wanted to make enough money to allow me the time and flexibility to travel and enjoy life while the kids are growing up.

I have studied the lives of some of the wealthiest people and realized that they all built business empires. People that I looked up to like my baseball coach owned his own restaurant. My father left his JOB and pursued several business ventures. So I too believed a business of my own was the way to go. So I started a computer consulting firm and began working for several companies. Although the money was good I soon realized that I was trading my time for money and when I took time off, I was not making anything. I had to find a way to leverage my business so that while I was off (enjoying life) I was still making enough to maintain my life style.

I had tried many network marketing companies but felt I was not getting the support I needed to reach the levels that the top earners were attaining. I sponsored only a few people and only sold a few products to my immediate family. I returned to the traditional business model and this time I stayed in the a computer consultant field and found a great company to work for. As the new bills mounted, I quickly realized I had to continue growing with the company and I completed their management training program. I also began to think about taking on more work on a part-time basis. Although both of these options would help with the bills, they would also take more time away from the family.

Fortunately my father-in-law was very successful in the network marketing arena and helped introduce me to a new company and my excitement was at an all time high. I started selling product and recruiting new partners, right out of the box because our system was simple: help people save money and help others make money.

As the weeks went on my business started to slow down. Until one day I went to a national conference and met with my up-line and other partners. The sights and the memories were electric and on my way home I sponsored a new rep. As time went on my business continued to slow down again. So too did the economy. But our business kept right on growing and I was determined to make this work.

One of the partners I met at that first national convention was Marlon Charles who began to share with me one of the programs he was using to help him grow his business. The program was Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring. I had spent thousands of dollars on many programs, books, tapes, and advertising but had not seen the type of results this program, along with the coaching I received from my friend Marlon provided. My belief level started to grow and inevitably my bank account started to grow as well.  I started reading more and even purchased another program from Mike’s  Magnetic Sponsoring,  since the first one worked so well. I was not disappointed at all.

Marlon introduced me to one of his coaches, Gregory Drakes, who also started working with me and others through a series of mastermind calls. I began to learn more and more about this new path, to the point where I started to share this new found knowledge with others and they too became excited.

I began to mastermind with one of my prospects who was sharing his inspirational and spiritual beliefs with me. What we shared was such a strong connection that we agreed to partner and use our talents to help others achieve their goals.

Join us on your journey to success and we will share with you some of the motivational teaching and programs we and others have used to help them grow their businesses successfully.